Sunday, July 29, 2012

August Announcements - FUN Stuff Happening!

Hey all of you guys and gals who shop Thursday mornings - we are going to have a magazine photographer running around the shop on Thursday morning getting pics for an upcoming article on Second Hand Rose!  He wanted to come in on Thursday afternoon - but we told him he needed the experience of a Thursday morning at SHR!  So put on your best bib and tucker - maybe you'll be part of a photo op! 

Second announcement - We are going to be having a contest starting on Thursday!  The winner of this contest will receive a pair of tickets to JUNK BONANZA!!!  Along with the tickets you will receive a Junk Bonanza tote and a copy of Flea Market magazine!  To get all of the details - you will have to check back here on THURSDAY, AUGUST 2nd.  We will spell it all out then - and you will have til the following Thursday to get yourself entered in to the contest!  Now who wouldn't want a pair of free tickets to Junk Bonanza??????  We LOVE going there and shopping - and I know that you all do too!  See you back here on Thursday!

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