Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only Days til the May Sale!!!

 More and more treasures are finding their way into SECOND HAND ROSE - and so of course I just gotta share some of them with you!!  Let me tell you - we have a little bit of everything this month!  Like this shelving unit made from a stock tank - bet you'll be the only person on the block with one of these!!
A black cubby with lots of storage and display room!
 Cathy has some great wire baskets and paintings and tons of other good stuff!
 Barb has out done herself this month - her spot is fantastically wonderful - these 2 vases are to die for!
 A great bench made from an old spoon carved bed.  Yep I can see it in an entryway or porch or living room or pulled up to a harvest table or in a you have your own ideas too!
 One of Ted 's great cupboards - and I love the little child's wicker chair!
 Now can you see this great box on wheels filled with flowers?  I can see a wave of petunias spilling out of it!  And we have tons of boxes - boxes of all sizes, colors, boxes with topses and boxes without topses!
 Art is truly in the eye of the beholder - and think what a statement piece this could be!
 A great collection of mirrors and baskets and lots of other goodies awaits you in Barb's area!
 Loving the barn doors!
 I told you we had everything - even the bathtub!!
 Put a little spring in your step and green up your life!
 How about a really comfy rocker in which to spend those summer evenings?
 Bathtub not your style?  How about a HUGE old oaken bucket?
 Where else would you find a Nurs-Ette?  You can bottle feed 10 calves at once - or fill it with beer and let your friends have a really good time!!
 More springs, whites, greens and yellows - so very cheery!!
 Our new gal has some great gray pieces, some great iron pieces and wonderful pops of green!  I think she's a keeper!
 An incredible buffet is hiding back there in the corner!
Hurry out next Thursday morning - we're starting to get a little squirrely (groan, groan, groan)!!!

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