Sunday, February 28, 2010

Declaration of SPRING

Yep, it is official...........SPRING IS HERE!!!! Well, at least here at SECOND HAND ROSE! I have more photos for you - and for some reason I didn't get any photos of Ted's cupboards and I just can't say enough about how absolutely supercalifragilistic they are this month - oh my gosh, they are so well put together, but even better they are just so unique and FUN!!! There are 3 of them that I want to take home sooooooo bad - but I would probably have to move Mike out to the garage to make room for them and I think he might object! So enjoy the photos that I have and COME ON IN and see Ted's cupboards - along with all of the rest of our wonderful, incredible, awesome, one of a kind, just gotta have it, can't live without it, absolutely to die for, really good junk!!

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