Friday, January 29, 2010

February Snippets

The shop is getting ready for you guys to come on over next week. I think the theme for this months sale is COLOR COLOR COLOR. OMG - my list of wants is very, very long. Now there is always something I want at every sale - but these are the I can't live without, I will skip groceries to afford them all, down on my knees, pleeeaaaassssee gotta take them home kind of wants!!! The color in the photo isn't so great - but that red and white check behind that awesome print is the CUTEST little love seat you have ever seen! And there are 2 of the most awesomest white and black print (kind of an updated paisley?) upholstered chairs (my photo didn't turn out) that I KNOW I could make work with it - kind of country, kind of rock and roll!! The bottom photo is one of Rose's awesome "art" pieces with a myriad of junk - sooo cool and you can only see half of it here! Susan has a few pieces in that incredible aqua blue/green family and the cutest chair ever with a very funky dog print upholstery on it. And we have 3, count em 3 guest dealers this month - each with a very different look. We have Rhonda and Terri from Crooked Willow up near Osakis - fun gals with even funner stuff - they had me stopped dead in my tracks with my list. We have Claire, who also sells at Buffalo Nickel, with her chippy paint/slightly industrial look - yep, another list in her area. And last, but not least, we have Marla from St. Cloud - she has the black and white chairs - along with a bunch of other things in kind of a slightly twisted traditional look - the kind of stuff that could fit in anyone's home. And of course all the rest of us with tons of fun and COLORFUL stuff - gosh when I was in there today I totally forgot that it was only 9 degrees outside!!

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