Friday, January 29, 2010

And some more February photos!!

Is that little chair just the best thing you have ever seen???? Yep, even with Cindy C gone (and we do miss you girl!) there is still PINK in the shop!! That chair could easily make me re-do my bedroom (altho Mike has this thing about pink and flowers!). And pair it with that great white lamp from Coralyn with the viney trim - ooh la la! A couple of shots from Bonnie's area - she has LOTS of her great pictures in there this month - chickens, tulips, birds - speaking of birds - see the cutouts she did - and tulip cutouts too - no not the cheap kind you see every year - really cool, kind of stately tulips!! And what do you think of Rose and Barb's wall art - the staves from an old barrel slightly straightened and held together with a metal piece from some farm equipment - looks great with the plants hanging from it!! So....................are you starting to see why my list is so long? I'll take even more photos this weekend.

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