Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You Very Much!!

WOW - what a sale! We had people trying to get in the door shortly after 8am on Thursday morning and it NEVER slowed down all the way thru Sunday. Great weather, guys up north in camo gear, everyone thinking CHRISTMAS shopping - made for lots and lots of you guys coming out to see us. AND WE LOVE IT and you guys too! After all - where we would we be without our great and loyal customers and friends! So thank you very, very, very much for a wonderful sale!
I wanted to take tons and tons of photos of all of you during the sale - had my camera with - and was just so busy writing up at the desk, or helping to carry out, or helping find the right items, or re-stocking that I only got my camera out a couple of times! I'll get those photos posted shortly - a wonderful story behind one of them!

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