Saturday, November 21, 2009

Organ or Fireplace??

We picked up this pump organ at a recent auction. We buy organs whenever we can get our hands on them - and if they are at a price we can afford. The possibilities with organs are absolutely ENDLESS - cuz there are so many interesting parts on them both inside and out. Thank goodness my husband Mike is so handy. They weigh a ton to haul, they take hours and hours to take apart (at least if you want to save the parts!!), and there is a lot of waste even for us. But the end result is usually a lot of fun and pretty spactacular. The first photo below is the organ at the auction - the second photo is a fireplace mantel we put together from the organ. We have had a lot of fun designing these - sometimes you have to get pretty creative with the pieces and it is a hard job for Mike as there is a lot of creative carpentry that has to happen to get them together! My design vision for the pieces doesn't always mesh with the practical aspect of making it work!! We'll have a mantel (or maybe 2!) in our area for the December sale. See what you think!
Also note the piece inside the mantel - a coal scuttle filled with white lights, a long strand of beautiful garland and an old violin, clarinet, and trumpet. Very festive looking right? And not the usual logs and greens. Just about anything can be a festive holiday piece with a little embellishment!

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