Saturday, November 21, 2009

Junky Christmas Ideas

Some silly little ideas for all of those odds and ends! How about adding a very small wreath to the back of an old clock case? Or dangle some vintage bells from a nice round clock case (they make great frames!!). Or just put some sparkly Christmas trees inside a rusty old birdcage (or greens or ornaments - you can do just about ANYTHING with a great birdcage!!). I had some triangular shaped odds and ends of chippy painted wood - stacked on top of each other they make a great tree - decorated with old beads and a rhinestone topper! Luminescent pearls and shiny clear beads make great snow!! A wreath attached to an organ pedal and adorned with watch faces and old keys - guaranteed to be the only one in the neighborhood!
Just a few other thoughts - add a bow and greens to an old wheel or round pulley for a great wreath - just about anything round will do - one of my favorites is to decorate barbed wire - I have 2 big rounds of barbed wire, one near my back door and one on my fence - both of them get adorned for the holidays. Some fresh greens in a crate or pail always work. Got a great collection of bottles? A simple snip of green or red berries is all they need. I collect old jars and this time of year they tend to get filled with cinnamon sticks or cranberries or vintage ornaments or sleigh bells (which my husband collects so I have LOTS of those!). Just about anything red or green or sparkly will do the trick.
Got something cone shaped like a funnel or funky drill bit or...well a cone? You can pick up heavy cardboard cones at any craft store - paint them whatever color you want your tree to be (I have some that are a great lime green) and while the paint is still wet sprinkle them with glitter. Did you know that glitter comes in EVERY color imaginable? I have some that is a combination silver and white with teeny little star shapes thrown in - it looks great on the tree or sprinkled around a centerpiece.
Look at shapes and colors and let your imagination soar - your one of a kind ornaments will outshine anything you can buy at the mall! You'll have a great time doing it and your friends will be oh so jealous of your awesome decorating!

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  1. You had me at...pearls and rhinestone topper. LOL I LOVE your "bits 'n pieces" tree!!! You are so talented!!!

    Now I'm going to go glitter something... thank you for the inspiration!!!
    ;-) Robelyn