Friday, November 13, 2009

It's A Small World Afterall!

Each and every sale has memorable moments in one way or another - something that we all giggle or whine or snicker about - usually it is something stupid that one of us has done. We also ALWAYS have great and uplifting moments from our customers - who come in and share a story, a laugh, a joke, update us on their lives and let us know how much they love the shop.
The most memorable moment of the November sale was this gal in the photo (and if any of you know her would you let me know her name cuz in the craziness of it all - I FORGOT!!). She came up to the desk carrying this postcard and said look at this. It was a postcard dated from the early 1920's addressed to Miss Somebody in Cottonwood, Minnesota. The gal said, "I am originally from Cottonwood, and I know this lady. She was a friend of my mother's and is still alive and in a nursing home!" Hope I got that right - just can't find my notes from that day!
WOW - what are the chances??? She was tickled to take this treasure home - and we were all pleased to share the moment with her!


  1. Oh... something like that just makes the fun that much MORE fun!!! That is the coolest story! I hope the lady comes back to tell you what response SHE got!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  2. What an amazing story, Kris!!! How cool is that?