Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Stuff

Those of you who have been to SHR have noticed the window boxes I'm sure (cuz we get a lot of great feedback on them!!). As you know we change them out quite often with a variety of things and stuff and junk - and even on occasion real live plants! This time of year you will note they are filled with greens and beautiful branches and dried things. You can do your window boxes in the same manner we do - just as full and lush - and it won't cost you a thing! Our little secret??? Our city compost pile!! Most cities have one and for most cities it is free to leave your lawn trimmings and cuttings - and what others leave is our treasure! If you can't find everything you want - have you noticed how many great looking weeds are out there growing in ditches or along railroad tracks? They make awesome drieds to add to your arrangement (they can look great in the spring and summer too!). Just be sure you know what you are picking (ask Rose or Bonnie sometime about beautiful white berries and poison oak!!). I also cut from my garden - I never till it under cuz I like the way it looks in the winter with snow shimmering on all of the stalks and flower heads!!

Another great freebie is your cities paint recycling center. You will have to check with your city to see if you have one. I visit mine every week. Sometimes it will be overflowing with interesting paints, stains, varnishes and cleaners - and other times there will only be 3 or 4 cans to choose from. I never go there looking for a specific color - cuz guaranteed if you want any shade of white or cream they will only have purple and orange - but I usually find something that will mix well with another color. Most of us at SHR mix our own colors - cuz we can, cuz we like to, cuz there isn't enough of this color or that color to do an entire cupboard - but together there will be! The other nice thing about this is that it lets you experiment - I return quite of the few things that I pick up. But I can try out colors without the expense of buying a quart of this and a quart of that. A great way to do small items or experiment on your walls!

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