Monday, November 30, 2009

Dinah's Delectibles

Remember last week when I showed you a peek of Dinah's walls in progress? Well, take a look at her area now that it is mostly finished! Her walls become a perfect backdrop instead of the focal point - and she is filled with fun holiday gift giving ideas! She has tons of potted Paperwhites (or they could be Narcissus or Amaryllis - I didn't actually check!!) that make perfect hostess gifts. Her architectural pieces, awesomely gorgeous armoire (check the hooks and pegs inside when you get there - this baby is a TRUE ANTIQUE!!) and industrial pieces just flow together. Dinah was still there working when I left late last nite. She is a true nite owl - I think it is something to do with the 11 (or maybe 12 - I lose count) children she has - yep you read that right!!! Can you imagine having a family that large and still have time left to be the creative genius that she is??? Makes me tired just thinking about it! Be sure to take a few minutes to linger in Dinah's area - she is a true artist at putting disparate items together to make her very special and popular look!

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