Monday, November 2, 2009

Check it out

Hey everyone - check out the photos and kind words from Sue Whitney on her Junk Market Style blog!! She has been working with our newest dealer Lani (Cottage Elements) getting Lani's spot set up. Two fun and talented and creative gals for sure. Check out their blogs! I would post a link to them - but gosh darn it, I am still learning the ins and outs of this whole blogging thing and couldn't make it work!


  1. Kris - you are NOT ALONE!!! (That was said in my most IMPRESSIVE sci-fi voice...) - I always hold my breath when I post on my blog. HAHA! Here's the link for your readers!!!

    Now I have to say - CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS from deep in the Heart O' Texas!!! How much FUN have you had with Sue around?!!? Okay - I've got my fingers and eyeballs crossed that you have the most SUCCESSFUL sale ever!!! I wish I was there!!!

    ;-) Robelyn

  2. Kris - thanks so much for visiting my blog (will keep you updated on my clocks - should be posting something this weekend...). Oh, how I wish we had occasional sales in Ohio - you girls in Minnesota have the biggest fun...and with Sue and Lani around, I know it's even more big fun!!

    Take care, Kathy