Monday, November 30, 2009

Barbara Jean

I could tell lots of tales about Barb - I've know her forever, we started in this business together, and she is one of my very best friends. However, because I want her to STAY one of my best friends I won't share most of those tales!! What I can say is that she is INCREDIBLY talented, generous, giving, creative and FUNNY! She always finds humor in any situation - and is the first to poke fun at herself. She will do just about anything for a laugh. She is a doting wife, mother and grandmother - a forever kind of friend - and can put together the best displays you have ever seen. Her area is always full of stuff that I think I just gotta have. She likes a certain amount of minimalism, likes primitives and very traditional, with a modicum of contemporary stuff thrown in. She can truly do it all! Her one of a kind works of art always make her area a definite MUST SEE!

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