Friday, June 6, 2014

Our June 2014 Sale

Very early Saturday morning and I thought you might want to have a look at some of the new treasures that have come in and some of the great treasures that are still available!!  This cute blue and yellow piece is new in!
 This incredible sleigh coffee table is still available - just waiting for the perfect home!
 Flag day and the Fourth of July are coming up quickly - get in the mood with some red, white and blue!
 Love the neutral gray!
 Can hardly believe that these incredible drawers are still here and waiting for that very lucky person.
 This beauty is new in - isn't she beautiful?
 The perfect little bench - for anywhere!
 This set of four white metal chairs is still available.  With graduations and confirmations and family reunions and weddings coming up this summer you will need plenty of extra seating - and we've got it!
 New in - and what a beautiful set!
 What a great work station!  New in!
 This awesome blue piece is still here waiting for you!
 Another cute piece new in - such a pretty color combination!
 Great wash tub stand and long oval tub - these pieces are new in too - and I'm betting they go quickly!
 A gorgeous set of chairs!
 Cathy brought more frames - they have been a big hit!
 Need a bar for your entertaining needs?  This awesome piece is still here!
 Beautiful step back in perfect condition!
 Love the antique yarn winder.  You don't see many of these beauties.
 Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do!!!!  Pretty bottles, gorgeous oval zinc topped table and sweet settee!
 Longhorn chair is truly a unique piece.  And that great server with the original green paint - absolutely to die for!
 Sweet black piece!
 Love this oh so comfy plaid chair - all it needs is a good book, a comfy throw, a cup of tea and YOU!!
 This would work well with that good book too!
 Let's do lunch!
 An incredible parlor table!
 Love these dusty blues. And that beautiful dresser is new in!
 Sweet, small size hutch with lighted interior.
 Oh so cute bench - maybe under a window, or at the foot of your bed or in the entry way?
 Lots of pretty storage here!
 Lots of color!
 Love this little two toned dresser - new in just for you!
 Beautiful glass door cupboard - new in!
 Love the school map!
And another awesome map - this one is topographical and 8' long!

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