Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's All In The July Details!!

 We love building and painting and upholstering and re-doing all of our furniture items - but it is the smalls and mediums, the details that we like best!!  Things like this piece of windmill - what an awesome piece of artwork!
 This sign is actually quite large - but it just makes us smile - just what it is supposed to do!
 Odds and ends pieces of cupboards, tables, pipe organs, dressers - sometimes the furniture piece is too far gone to refurbish - but that doesn't mean we can't find a use for all of its parts!
 This has a small deer head hook in the center.  It is quite fabulous!
 Love props and blades!!
 Chunky glasses!
 We love to play with wall art. 
 Vintage flamingos!!  These are always a hit!
 Clocks.  They are the best.
 The face on this old gal is sooooo very dark - but she is beautiful.
 Pieces of architecture go anywhere.
 We love these plaques.
 Vintage fans rate right up there with clocks.  They are magical.
 Wise old owl.
 Let's go on a picnic!
 Vintage curtains and fabrics and quilts and spreads and cloths - we love them all!
 How soft and sweet.
 Gauges are kinda like clocks - they have great faces and we love them.
 Game boards are so much fun to hang on walls or use!
 Loving all of the colors.
 This game board is double sided.
 Love barkcloth!
 These windows look especially great mounted on this beautiful blue door.
 More architectural pieces.
 Floats.  They make our hearts go pitter patter.
 We have so many great pillows in the store - and so many great fabrics to choose from!
 We love Bonnie's geraniums.  Add a pretty frame and it is even more beautiful!
 We always have tons of fun lamps and hanging fixtures to choose from.  This vintage one is a hoot - you will also find contemporary lighting, chandeliers and cool hand made fixtures.
 This is an exceptional print.  It is a Northern Pacific railway piece.
 Globes rate right up there with clocks, fans and gauges.
 Beautiful and heavy old red doors.  And such a cute dollhouse!
 Signs, signs, everywhere signs!!
 Oh so sweet.
 Love the cement piece.
 Oh yeah - scales rate right up there too!!
 And fun vintage signs too!!
 Love the fishy pillow - perfect for cabin life!
Driftwood is another thing we can't get enough of!

Friday, June 20, 2014

How The SHR Gang Spends Their Summer!!

 We are frantically getting all of our treasures ready for our July 3-4-5-6 sale of course.  AND we'll start getting pictures of all of that soon I promise.  BUT in the meantime, here are some of the things we like to do in the summer or make in the summer!  All of these photos are from years past - but they all are worth a second look!!!!   Here is Mike and Barb enjoying our OVERSIZED Adirondack chair.  Do you remember that chair???  We had lots of fun with it!
 This was taken the same night as the previous picture - we were having a meeting/social hour at the shop on a nice warm summer's eve!!  And of course you can't have a business meeting without snacks and wine!!
 Some of us actually take vacations and go camping or to cabins.  Maybe a little fishing???
 Hanging out on that huge chair again!!!  We kinda miss it!
 Of course, a good part of our summer is spent getting our spots ready for all of you guys!  I love vignette don't you?
 The Boss!!!  I think he may have been frustrated trying to control the gang at our "business meeting"!!!  Oh, Brad did you really want to talk business???????
 As the evening wore on, the blankies came out!!  We always have a good time when we are all together!!
 A fun incubator table from years back.  We just happen to have red, white and blue on our minds these days - how about you?
 This telephone booth/cabinet was a huge hit!
 So summer like don't you think?  This would have been perfect for a garden party!
 Did I mention that we have red, white and blue on our minds??
 Now there is a perfect summer time set!
 Treasure hunting!!!!  Auctions, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, barn picking - We LIVE for this in the summer!!
 Almost all of us are avid gardeners too and we love to share pictures of our gardens.
 We love to decorate our gardens with treasures too.  Sometimes I think there may be more treasures in our gardens than flowers!
 Sometimes, we just get plain CRAZY in the summer!!!!  We like making new friends wherever we go!!
 I mentioned the red, white and blue thing right????
 Oh yeah - GREEN!!!!  After our looooonnnnnngggg Minnesota winters we all tend to be suckers for green come spring (actually, we really start to want to paint everything green about mid January!).
 Blue and white and birdhouses.........oh we love summer!
Barb and Rose heading out in the go-cart!!!  This was a few years back - and pretty darn scary if you were anywhere near!!!!