Sunday, July 28, 2013

August Pretties!

 Let's start with some beautiful neutrals shall we?  How about this chaise lounge - wouldn't you like to cozy up on this????
 Pair of tin back chairs - gorgeous!
 Loving the longhorns!
 SO many pretties!
 Beautiful tin Eiffel Tower!

 Gorgeous bed!
 Comfy chair and beautiful pillows!
 Framed tin - always a hit!
 Drop dead gorgeous!
 Now let's have a bit of color!
 Fun piece!
 U.S. Post Office plaque - cool!
 Doesn't everyone need a glockenspiel????
 We love our small stuff!
 Great set up!
 Love this gold dresser.
 The large letters are $89.00 each and the smaller letters are $39.00 each!
 So much fun!
 Glass containers filled with stuff - we likey!!
 We are suckers for textiles too!
 We have an entire herd of beautiful chalkware horses!
 Chalkware dogs too!
 Beautiful piece - great drawers married to an awesome base.  The glass top makes for great display for your fun small items.
 Oh so pretty!
 Sweet grey cabinet!
 Little drawers and clocks - two of our favorites!
 Gray and cream combo - perfect.
 Plenty of small tables and chairs!
 Sweet china hutch.
Small tables again - you just can't have enough!

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