Sunday, July 28, 2013

August Color is Exploding!

 Need a great center island or bar?  This beauty features a tin insert on the front and a top made from 100 year old barn timbers!  Plenty of storage too - the back side features 5 drawers and 2 doors.
 Love this many drawered piece!  Great for your TV or crafting or as a center island!
 Got some great buffalo hide chairs - two pairs, slightly different but equally funky!
 How about a red dresser to add some color to a room?
 One of our dealers hoards small stuff - and decided to clean out her jars and drawers and cupboards!  She has 100's of baggies filled with game pieces and watch and jewelry parts and typewriter keys and lace and trims and metal doodads and odd wood doodads and maps and paper and bottle caps and spools and cabinet hardware and lots of stuff that needs someone to love it!
 Beautiful red secretary.  Shelves on each side are removable and there is a hook in each side so it could be used in an entry way - hang your jacket and store your gloves in the drawers!
 Who doesn't need a great bench?
 Great console tables or desks - each one of a kind.  AND lots of fun vintage games!
 We love cubbies - big and small!
 Yeah, we do  love our smalls!
 Drawers equal love!
 This little American Indian outfit is adorable!
 A place for everything!
 Great sign holders!
 This little settee is awesome!  Nice and sturdy and gorgeous as is - or recover in your choice of fabric!
 Awesome Beer cabinet for the early 1900's!  Brass taps and hardware, doors open to the icebox area where the ice blocks would go and then open the other door to add the keg!  This belongs in your man cave or near your bar!
 LOVE the red french doors!  And the cubby/desk piece is to die for!
 This is a windscreen and wiper from a 1920's era car.  Man cave material for sure!!  Or how about the car collector in your life?
 Trunk from Germany!
 Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous drawers!
 White buffet - perfect always.
 We all need a chalk ware pharoah right?
 Flags from everywhere!
 Beautiful vintage lamps.
 Drop dead gorgeous antique cupboard!  AND it is filled with fun treasures like German books, silver, globes and bowls.
 How about a vintage movie theater spotlight and an antique dental chair?  You'll probably be the only one on the block who has one!
 Thursday, August 1st at 9:00am!
 Bonnie painting!
 Shoe lasts - we have a ton of them in lots of sizes!
SO many pillows - love this doggie pillow!

August Pretties!

 Let's start with some beautiful neutrals shall we?  How about this chaise lounge - wouldn't you like to cozy up on this????
 Pair of tin back chairs - gorgeous!
 Loving the longhorns!
 SO many pretties!
 Beautiful tin Eiffel Tower!

 Gorgeous bed!
 Comfy chair and beautiful pillows!
 Framed tin - always a hit!
 Drop dead gorgeous!
 Now let's have a bit of color!
 Fun piece!
 U.S. Post Office plaque - cool!
 Doesn't everyone need a glockenspiel????
 We love our small stuff!
 Great set up!
 Love this gold dresser.
 The large letters are $89.00 each and the smaller letters are $39.00 each!
 So much fun!
 Glass containers filled with stuff - we likey!!
 We are suckers for textiles too!
 We have an entire herd of beautiful chalkware horses!
 Chalkware dogs too!
 Beautiful piece - great drawers married to an awesome base.  The glass top makes for great display for your fun small items.
 Oh so pretty!
 Sweet grey cabinet!
 Little drawers and clocks - two of our favorites!
 Gray and cream combo - perfect.
 Plenty of small tables and chairs!
 Sweet china hutch.
Small tables again - you just can't have enough!