Thursday, June 27, 2013

July Beginnings!!

 We still have a LONG way to go before we are ready to meet and greet you on July 4th - but treasures are pouring in and some areas are even mostly set up!  I feel in love with this little barrel chair.  What awesome fringe!
 What a beautiful door and that yellowy gold color on the table is out of this world!
 Here is that same color again on such a nice useful piece!

 Love, love, love this great metal cart!!
 Comfy chair - so summery!
 It seems we are always looking for storage - and here is plenty!
 Speaking of this huge cupboard!
 Love these pieces.
 Nice corner with a perfect size table!
 FuNkY workbench!
 This oil painting drew me right in.  I think I want to go there!
 Great table!
 Nothing like white and blue.
 Just love the crispness of this combination!
 Loving the green!
 Awesome red piece - storage and display!
 Great green trunk!

 We love our windmills!  They make a great statement piece inside or out - and make the best trellis for your climbing plants!  I have clematis trailing up one and another has beans and peas.
 What a sweet niche.
 Love this blue!
 Two of these canvas settees!
 Awesome antique metal bed - perfect day bed!
Nice size hutch.

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