Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More March Photos!

 Love this soft blue dresser!
 A happy kitty and Franciscan ware!
 What a beautiful little piece!
 What a great decorative piece!
 I have never seen another piece like this - so, so beautiful!
 Now if this doesn't scream SPRING - I don't know what does!
 Love the bed spring as art!
 Love the little step ladder and stool!
 What a great, great piece!
 What fun lockers - such great color!
 Another Ted cupboard!
 Love the gray wicker chair - and it is awfully comfy too!
 And another beautiful door!
 This beautiful chair has a tin back too!
 Great table scape!  We love display!
 Love the cupboard filled with such fun colorful pieces.
 Love the birdhouse!
 The long skinny perfectly crazed mirror is a keeper for sure!
 This beautiful cupboard is in such a beautiful shade of original blue - and is all shelved inside.
 Postal sorter - this one has such nice big cubbies - even dinner plates fit in.  How perfect in a kitchen or dining room!!  Or craft room or office or!!!!!  Love all of the ironstone restaurant ware too!
 Another great storage piece!  Beautiful shade of yellow.
 Love this divider screen - oh so pretty!
 Another great upholstered piece!  Sorry - Hunter is not for sale!
 I didn't get a photo of this great harvest table after it was all set up - but it looks pretty darn awesome even here!
Another perfect storage piece!

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