Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Treasure From Way Up North!

 Soooooooooo - we're gonna tell you a little story now.  We got a phone call from the North Pole - I can't name names - but you might have heard of this fella!  Anyhow - he had a couple of old sleighs hanging out in his storage shed and no longer had any use for them.  Sooooooo since he knew how incredibly GOOD the gang at SHR has been - he thought we would be the perfect folks to take this sleigh, clean it up and find a good home for it!  This is a Russian style cutter - and it is so darn cute!  It has the original upholstery on the front facing seat and also on the rear facing seat.
 Looking at it from the front - original red paint.  We have put a few coats of poly over it to help keep it in good shape.
 Looking at it from the other side.  It is such a nice size - only about 40" wide and less than 6' long - it would be perfect in a large great room or foyer.  Can't you just see it with a Christmas tree in it???  Or if you are a dealer - what a great display/prop piece!
 Seeing the back of the sleigh with the great hand forged curved runners.
 Can you see the small rear facing seat?  The seat flips up to face the rear facing seat giving you some room for your picnic basket!  The metal trim all around it is spectacular.
This is going to be the perfect piece for some lucky home!

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