Friday, September 7, 2012

September Saturday - An Entire City of Fun!!

 Come on out and spend your entire Saturday in Buffalo.  Second Hand Rose has re-stocked and we are still FULL of great treasures to take home with you and even more full of great decorating ideas for you to use in your own homes.  The weather will be perfect for shopping and we are ready to help you carry and load and decide which item is just perfect for you.
Bring your friends and family out with you on Saturday cuz Buffalo is full of going ons for your entire family.  Start your day at the Buffalo Farmers Market downtown - they have great baked good and tons of fresh veggies.  The Lions are having their Pancake Breakfast down their this Saturday too - so you will have a full stomach to shop on!  There will be live music at the market from 10 to noon to keep you entertained as well.  Take some time to head on back to SHR to do your shopping, then head on back downtown to check out the other shops.  Pick up a to-go lunch at BJ's Deli and take it over to Sturges Park for a picnic at the lake.  The park is the site of the 4th annual Classics By The Lake - 800 cars for you to ooooh and aaaaah over - and live music there too!  When you are done there, head on back to SHR for one last time thru - just to make sure you haven't missed anything!  What a great family and friends day - and the weather will be perfect for all of these great outdoor festivities!

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