Monday, June 4, 2012

So Much June!!

 So many great treasures - can't fit them all in just one post!!  How about some colorful flags as art?  Just imagine the life they bring to a room!
 Green lockers - a must have!
 This freshly upholstered little lounge chair is so perfectly perfect - and cozy!
 Whites and reds and wheels abound in MaryAnn's area!
 In love with these bar stools!
 What incredible storage - and the piece is beautiful too!
 Bonnie paintings!  Nuf said.
 Rich deep greys and browns.  Almost sinful.
 So love the hanging "grandfather" clock!
 This freshly upholstered piece is done in Ralph Lauren linen - and has a matching ottoman!
 Sock monkey pet beds!!!!  I want one just for the sweet face!
 Brooder top as art - and flags made from salvaged barn wood!
 This incredible piece is drop dead gorgeous.  Imagine it as a double sink vanity!
 This large quilt/spread is to die for!
I can't decide if I love the box, the pillow or the antlers best!

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