Friday, June 29, 2012

July Just Keeps Getting Hotter!

We have styles and options for everyone at Second Hand Rose!
 Like these pink and black striped swivel rockers - how sweet are they!!
 The Owl Gameboard - a rare carom board for those of you who collect game boards!
 We do love silver!
 Look at the detail on the hardware on this vintage dresser - how beautiful!
 What a sweet little goat cart!
 Love this cozy little ch air - and what a fun pop of color!
 The detail on this buffet is so perfect.
 This vintage cupboard is so nice and a perfect size - not too big but still with plenty of storage!
 I'm taking all of my dishes and running away!
 We have a pair of these mirrored stands - they are fabulous!
 A BEAUTIFUL harvest table!
Round and round, round and round!


  1. Hi I hope you dont mind I have added you to my blog roll your page is great!

  2. how big and how much for the harvest table?