Friday, June 29, 2012

July Just Keeps Getting Hotter!

We have styles and options for everyone at Second Hand Rose!
 Like these pink and black striped swivel rockers - how sweet are they!!
 The Owl Gameboard - a rare carom board for those of you who collect game boards!
 We do love silver!
 Look at the detail on the hardware on this vintage dresser - how beautiful!
 What a sweet little goat cart!
 Love this cozy little ch air - and what a fun pop of color!
 The detail on this buffet is so perfect.
 This vintage cupboard is so nice and a perfect size - not too big but still with plenty of storage!
 I'm taking all of my dishes and running away!
 We have a pair of these mirrored stands - they are fabulous!
 A BEAUTIFUL harvest table!
Round and round, round and round!

July Sale - Full of HOT STUFF!!

 We're getting all ready to swing open the doors on July 5th - and we are already getting full of "hot stuff" to share!  We hope all of you will come on out and spend part of the holiday week with us!  For those of you who missed out on the little doodads and typewriter keys last month - Don't Worry - Be Happy - we have more!!
 This great trunk on wheels is the perfect coffee table!
 We love everything about this little table - size, style and color!
 This awesome carpenter's tool chest is full of little drawers and hidden compartments!  You could hide all kinds of treasures in it!
 Awesome coffee table made from a fanning mill!
 This great drawer unit started life as a unit to store tools and nuts and bolts.  It has been totally cleaned up inside and out so you can store all of your treasures!
 Most of the drawers are divided in all kinds of little compartments.  How perfect for you jewelry makers or crafters or scrapbookers - or for whatever kinds of treasures you have.
 We LOVE Barb's window treatments!
 Lots of goodies and treasures await you in this cute cabinet!
 One of the most beautiful cupboards we have ever had!
 Love this cozy little chair!
 This cupboard is drop dead gorgeous!  I have been trying to figure out how it could fit in my house!
 Fun and cozy - a great barn door backdrop and an awesome little iron bed that pulls out to make a full size bed - and it comes with the ticking mattress!
What a perfect size little cubby for your entryway!

Monday, June 18, 2012

July Sale Coming Soon!

The July sale is the 5th thru the 8th of July this year - right on the 4th of July very long weekend.  Come on in and spend some of your holiday time hanging with us!  Someone asked us what our "theme" for July will be.  We don't usually have a theme - except for over the desk - but I know that in July we will be thinking beach balls and picnics and lazy days and family reunions and cabins and patios and cabanas and pool parties - and absolutely EVERYTHING you might need for your home or cabin or condo or RV (or even things for yourself) to make all of these events the best they can be!!  We'll have photos soon!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Can't Get Enough June!

 I just can't seem to get enough photos of all the great June treasures - and I keep going over and over in my head all of the things I didn't get photos of!  We do have lots of signs - of all kinds!
 And we have fishies!
 Beautiful maps.
 Love, love, love the many uses of piano rolls!
 A must have - green lockers!
 There are two huge cubbies - this one has sections large to stack dinner dishes!
 How sweet are these!!
 I want!
 LOVE the mirror!
So so so so so so so in love with the freshly upholstered chair!

June - So Many Choices!

 There are so many wonderful treasures this month - it will be hard to choose.  Guess you better bring your truck and trailer!!  This little white piece is perfect in so many places - and the dark gray china hutch in the corner is so elegant.
 We are all in love with this dresser!
 Love it all - but especially the shutters!
 Wheels abound this month!
 Robin's egg blue - always good.
 One of Ted's wonderful cupboards!
 Fit for a queen (or king!)
 We have great upholstered pieces this month!
 A oh so cool and unusual safe!
 Love the tables!
 There are 4 of these gorgeous chairs!
 Love the little red locker.
 Just plain good stuff.
 Vintage sewing machine base with wagon top - perfect bar, planter, console table, entryway table or....................

Fun signs everywhere!