Sunday, May 20, 2012

We're In Construction Mode!

Brad has been working hard to give a couple spots a whole new look!  He has expanded our bathroom by cutting into that skinny little hallway that was unused.  Now Dylan will have more display room in the bathroom - and we have a nice "new" vanity - a beautiful dresser worked perfectly!
 That made for changes in the room just behind the desk area too.  The hallway door got closed up and Brad closed off the small closet.  He opened up the closet on the other side so that we now have more storage room in the closet behind the desk!  Now we will all be able to find our cleaning supplies and have a place to hang our jackets and purses!  Kris gets more wall space in her room - which makes her very happy!  The small closet was always hard to set up.  Now as soon Brad is finished with all of his work Kris and Dylan can get in and paint walls and floors.  Yippee!
The added space in the bathroom!  Dylan is quite happy with the new space and they have already stained the floors dark in there.  Gonna be fun to have some new space to share with you for the June sale!

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