Thursday, May 24, 2012

June Beginnings!

 Slowly but surely SHR is starting to come together for the June sale!!  With construction going on it's been a bit slower than usual - but even tho not a lot of set up has happened yet - the treasures are rolling in!  See what I found today!  I love this little suitcase display even tho she's probably not done with it yet!
 Had a tough time getting the lighting right on this photo.  The stand is cool - but the mid-century modern drapes in shades of blue and brown are incredibly awesome!!
 LOVE these old frameless mirrors - even missing some of their silver they add such sparkle to a room!
 Ooooohhhhh, Aaaaaaahhhhhh - beautiful shutters!
 Beautiful vintage cement pieces - there are also a couple cement birds and deer and bases that are just dying to get to a good home!
Susan has 7 or 8 or 9 of these great maps - and I know Peter has a beautiful map box complete with maps too!  They add such color and history to a room.
 Love the buffet and the console table has such great detail - and it is beautiful rich shade of gray.
 The hutch is so pretty don't you think?  But the blue leaded window....ooh la la!
 Another beautiful hutch - such great detail!
 These antique baby shoes are so sweet!
 I am so in love with this light fixture.  It just makes me feel cheerful!
 Almost ready - like most of the spaces and items I was seeing today!
 Not a great photo of this little cement boy - but I had to climb over furniture and take the photo blind!
 Love everything about this little area!
 The colors on this door are the best!
 Love this clock - what a great focal point!
 The boys have been busy making these great signs out of old barn wood.  They have done a good job haven't they?!?!
 Can you say shaggilicious!!
 The shape, the fabric, the comfort, the size........what's not to love about this piece?
 Another great map - and the lamps are perfectly perfect!
 The mirror is to die for - and the birdcage too - in fact I saw quite a few bird cages this month.  Think of all the uses!
 Tripod lamp - wanted by many - will you be the lucky person to take it home?
 Cement birds in the background - and coat hanger with vintage kerosene stove parts as hooks!
 Small pillars and tall pillars..........
 Fall pillars and skinny pillars.......We've got them all this month!
Love this old brooder hood - can't you just seen it hanging on a wall with a mirror inside it ????  Or from a ceiling with a light fixture coming out of it?  Or as a Christmas tree stand?  What would you use it for?

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