Monday, April 2, 2012

We've Got The April Blues (and greens!)

 All shades of blue and green seem to be the "hot trend" right now - and never let it be said that SECOND HAND ROSE doesn't follow the trends (with our own little twist of course!).  We have some soft serene blues mixed with creams and beiges in this setting.
 Blue and white is always so fresh and crisp and adds so much to a room.
 This beautiful green park bench would be perfect in any garden - or how about on the deck or front porch?  Add some colorful planters and it screams "inviting" and come on in and sit a spell!
 Aquas and teals and greens can all mix so well - and look so nice with white or pink or a pop of yellow.
 Fresh greenery and blooming plants make every little thing look better don't you think?
 This gorgeous trunk boasts a metal top and lots of storage.  Here it is mixed with white and yellow again - beautiful!
 The shades of blue on this work bench are so absolutely perfect!  It has such a great industrial feel and yet it is so soft it can go in any setting.
 Turquoise and white - definitely a feel good combination.
 This great piece from a farm truck has varying shades of blue and green on it.  Look how well it goes with red too!
 A nice fresh spring green - goes well with just about anything!
 Dark blue, spring green with a pop of bright color.  Perfect any time!
 This Lake Minnetonka sign would be perfect in any color!
 This vintage light fixture is beautiful white glass with just a small blue floral pattern.  I think it would be nice hanging low next to a bed instead of a lamp.
This beautiful dresser is the softest blue imaginable - drop dead gorgeous!

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