Monday, April 2, 2012

Outdoor Living In April!

 The deck is OPEN - and FULL!!!  The front of the building is FULL!  AND now we have added a third outdoor living space - We have taken over the first 2 parking spaces (but left enough room for loading!) with a huge tent that gives us some walls, a wind block and places to hang chandeliers!  We are still adding to all three places - including a HUGE load of plants and flowers coming in this week - but let's get started and see what is here so far!  The new space is filled with shades of white and aqua/green/blue/turquoise and touches of yellow.  It is so darn summery and beachy and FUN - you'll just want to pull up a chair and hang out!!  Check out this aqua harvest table - it is 10' long and has great legs!  And how about that gorgeous turquoisey trunk below it - think of all the storage and it's still a thing of beauty!
 And then add a seashell encrusted chandelier over the table - and behind it a great potting bench/buffet!  This one is made from salvaged doors and has great original color on it and can withstand outdoor weather or indoor crowds!
 Hang a piece of fencing or window frames on your walls for a pop of color - or use them on your deck or in your garden.  The possibilities are endless.  A white drop leaf table that is quite narrow when the leaves are down makes a perfect console table - and extra seating/eating space when you need it!
 Imagine this little white set in your kitchen or breakfast nook or dining room.  It is so cheerful!  The seats are covered in quilt pieces of bright summertime colors!  Add some pretty dishes and a grand centerpiece and you are set!
 Need some boys around home?  We have them in assorted sizes/ages!!!!  JUST KIDDING - we kinda like to keep them around!
 Need a unique light fixture?  This one started life as a speaker!  It almost looks like a large bell.  How about a vintage cement birdbath?  Could be indoors or outdoors and has great color - and it is filled with the cutest little chicken feeders ever!
 A bright blue school desk would be great on your porch - imagine it filled with pots of brightly colored flowers!  And how about that awesome one-of-a-kind sign holder?  All of the curly ques are hand forged and the post is actually the drive shaft of an old truck!  It would probably stand about 6' tall by the time you sunk a couple of feet in the ground and would hold a sign and a mailbox!  Industrial staircase anyone?  The best ideas we have seen for it - put it in your garden - spray it hot pink or leave it as is.  Flower boxes on the stairs and clematis or roses or honeysuckle growing up it - what a statement!  Watering cans and enamel make great planters - and some already have drainage!
 A pair of fun green beach chairs to lounge in!
 Large and small metal garden carts, canvas laundry carts and statuary - we have it all!
 These yellow cones would make great planters - and much more fun that ordinary boxes!  Vintage trykes are so cute in the garden or in your home.
 We love these stable grates.  Hang on them on your wall or in your garden - they would make a cool trellis!
 All ready for summer time living - lemonade and a nice pasta salad please!  How about that great bed spring?  They work so well in the garden standing as a trellis or hanging overhead with plants from hanging from them or growing thru them.
 Park benches, metal stand, wood stands, metal boxes waiting to be filled with plants - and Barb's "area rug" - a discarded piece of plywood painted all purdy!
 Wicker strollers over flowing with wave petunias, metal wheels as one of a kind art and small cupolas and/or vents as centerpieces.  The possibilities are so endless!  Not sure what you need?  Ask us for help?  We'll help you put together your entire summer living area!
 Another awesome potting bench - this one trimmed out in old copper plumbing parts!  Plant to your hearts desire - or serve drinks!

 Vintage bicycles are great anywhere.  Mine is leaned up against a tree in the middle of my front garden.  The basket will soon be filled with flowing plants.  Lean it up against a fence or on a porch - it will add character no matter where it is.
Love this girls bike too - I want to grow clematis all thru it!

Sooooooo - are you feeling it yet?  Now imagine in a couple of days all of these items will be surrounded with greenery and blooming plants cuz we have a big supply coming in.  Honestly, you won't know where to shop first on Thursday morning - inside or out!!!  But we'll be there - ready and waiting to help you in both places!

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