Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Treasures are Mounting for April!! (and so is our excitement!!)

 The joint was jumping today!  So many of us bringing in our great treasures that we were literally climbing over each others treasures and each other!  I always get so excited about our sales and all of the great things to show you but this one is fantastically incredibly wonderful!!  There are sooooooo many great things - and so many more that I didn't get photos of cuz they were still kinda piled up and so many more still to come!!!  For instance, we are gonna have lots of signs - of all kinds - and yep, garden signs too!
 And crates and boxes and suitcases and trunks to store any kind of belonging you can think of!
 I don't know what I like best here - the washtub or the great pieces of trim!  How many uses can we come up with for them?
 Oh and totes.............nice how those bottles fit perfectly huh?
 And picture frames - tons of picture frames and jars and bottles and glassware and dishes!
And of course it wouldn't be Spring without birdhouses!!  We'll have plenty!
 And I saw a few great swings in the building already - is there anything better for a nice summer's evening?
 LOVE this great industrial cubby!
 I'm thinking this dry sink would be a great beverage server or entryway piece or potting bench..........I bet you have ideas of your own!
 Amidst all of the hustle and bustle and noise (Cuz we are really loud and we laugh a lot!!) in the shop today - Hunter managed to find a quiet spot to get away from us and read!
 So very pretty!
 Love the grass - reminds me of fireworks!

 How about this for a frame?  It is huge!
Wire baskets seem to be everywhere!
 Another swing - with a Norwegian flag pillow!!!  Hmmmm, that really should be at my house!
 Loving the soft blues I am seeing - along with lots of greens and bright cheery yellows!
 Even tho Barb is done with her own area - she can always be counted on to be there helping everyone else.  Don't know what we would do without her!
 Love the golden yellow upholstery on this chair.
 And there will be plenty of plants!
 Love Barb's displays - altho I'm not sure why I didn't remove the broom BEFORE I took the photo!  Just imagine it away okay?
 Tons of great metal for both inside and out - and of course wheels!
 Cathy has so many treasures piled in her area - I really wanted to just dig right in!
 Here are more of her treasures!
Love this green bottle I saw in Dinah's area - wonder what she will do with it?

We still have a long way to go to be ready for you guys - but it gets better and better every day.  AND I can't wait to show you and tell you all about what is happening outside - you're gonna love it!  Gotta wait a couple more days tho okay?  Hope you've got your calendars marked and your vehicles empty - and you might want to think about renting a truck!!!!  It's gonna be a biggy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Barb's April Spot

 Barb is as usual mostly finished with her area and it is looking so good!  I love her almost monochromatic look - shades of white and ivory, greys, taupes and browns.  I am particularly fond of this floor lamp - a very contemporary base with a very retro shade.
 This little grey cabinet on a metal base is awesome.  And a piece of Barb's imaginative artwork on the wall behind it.
 This little brown wicker settee has 2 matching chairs to cozy up in.
 The little slipper chair is beautiful.
 We are all in love with clock faces.
 LOVE this - a wire canner insert holds glasses and the wine bottle!
 Love the architectural piece on the table!  The tall metal ziggy zaggy pieces are off of some kind of farm equipment - and they are totally awesome!
Rake head holding wine glasses!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are You Thinking What Pat is Thinking???

 With this incredible warm weather we have going we are all thinking about decks and patios and porches and cabins and GARDENING!!!!!  Pat has a great start on her area - and I think she is definitely thinking GARDENS!!!!  Don't you just love this piece?????
 Loving the shades of green she has going on - and all the accessories you need to decorate your potting bench!
 The perfect sign!
 Posies in a rusty mailbox - what a fun planter!
 Love the pail and the pump and the washtub and the patchwork pillows.  Put them on a cozy settee out on your porch and prepare to enjoy a lazy sunny afternoon!
 This table is TO DIE FOR!!!!  Great chippy old paint and a fun and cheery color.
 Isn't he a cutie?
Not really sure what the rusty thing is - but I think it would make a great planter!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

April Sale Tidbits!

Our next sale will be on April 5-6-7-8!!  Yep, Easter weekend!!!  Barb and Susan were already bringing in things for the next sale before we even closed out today!!!  We will be thinking gardens and patios and birdhouses and SPRING!!!!  We hope you will be too!  Anything in particular you want?  Let us know!!  We already have requests for white cedar chest/trunk storage pieces, harvest tables and plate racks.  What's on your most wanted list?  Let us know!!  Leave a comment here or send us an email or write a note and post a picture on Facebook - We want to know what you want most!!!  In the meantime - we'll probably take one day off and all starts again!

Thank You Flea Market Style Magazine!!

A HUGE thank you to Flea Market Style magazine ( for listing Second Hand Rose as one of the top places to shop in the country!!!  We appreciate the call it and we are ALL big fans of Ki and her team - and the latest issue of the magazine is TO DIE FOR!!!!  If you  haven't seen it yet - run right out and find it - it is a keeper!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting everyone know what we already knew - SECOND HAND ROSE is a great place to shop!!