Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Preview of Barb's February Spot!

 No we don't love Barb best (altho we do love her TONS and TONS!!) and we don't think she has the best junk of all (altho we are all constantly amazed and astounded and inspired by her!) and no she didn't bribe us to do an entire posting on her spot alone (altho after seeing this it could be a possibility!!) - but as I have mentioned countless times before - Barb is almost always the first one done so I always get more photos of her spot first!  And this time she is not only first but she is PHENOMENAL as well!  Like this table center piece for instance!!!  Beautiful and so simple and elegant!
 Does it get any better than old suitcases and books? 
 I think I might have dibs on this card file - OMG I LOVE IT!!
 The fireplace mantel is an awesome piece - but the mantel decor is out of this world! 
 Love the color on this little dresser - kind of a limy green that is just perfect!
 A close-up of part of her mantel decor - isn't she a stunner????
 More of her great mantel decor!
And even more mantel decor - hmmmmmmm, maybe she is the best??????

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