Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Beginning To Look Like A February Sale!!

 Most of us still have a long, long way to go to get set up and look spectacular - but the treasures are starting to roll in! This February sale is gonna knock your socks off I think!!! This vintage upholstered chair is so comfy - and has great carved feet!
 You can always count on Susan for great color and fabrics!
 I LOVE Susan's newspapered wall - and the round map!  One more item on my want list!
 Two matching red slipper chairs - loving the color!
 This ottoman is another great upholstered piece - and it's comfy and the right height to be a great coffee table as well!
 You just can't go wrong with botanical prints!
 There is a great  long work table with silver legs and apron and then tucked under that is this great industrial almost round table with metal legs - the back side of the table is flat so you could push it up to the wall and still have the feel of a round table!  And tucked under that is a great warehouse cart!
 Another piece on my want list - this great industrial metal serving cart or work station or small island - let it be whatever you need it to be!
 Oh the crystals on this chandelier - it makes me feel like I should be speaking French!
 Another piece on my want list - this chandelier is drop dead gorgeous!  It appears black, but is actually a dark amethyst and sometimes almost has a red cast to it.  It is so very pretty!
 Can you say ooh la la???????
 Another great industrial piece - the trays on the bottom actually lift out!  Put some wine bottles in the top - along with some great snacks and you are ready to go!
 There is a matched set of these - hmmmmm, another want list item!

 Cindy was working on this piece - the color in person is perfectly neutral and the piece is great!
 Cindy also has some great vintage linens and pillows coming in - just gotta love fabric!
 I am so in love with this trunk!  Can't wait to see it all set up!
 An odd photo I know - but underneath all of those drawers can you see the great long green bench????  Ooohhh, can't wait to see it uncovered!
 A wood propeller - yep, you guessed it - another want list item!!
 LOVING this great old piece!
Industrial lighting over my center island maybe?  Hmmmmm.....Can't wait to see what else will be coming in!!  I'll keep you all posted................

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