Thursday, January 26, 2012

February Is REALLY Coming Together!!

 Every day more and more treasures are coming in - so let's see what I found today!!  This beautiful antique chair for instance - isn't she pretty?
 And another chair - and it is comfy and stylish!
 I love this quilt - and what a cutie back there in the corner!
 We are all suckers for beautiful old books!
 Pitchers and silver - you just can't go wrong with either!
 This large wall hanging is so beautiful!
 One of the many unique light fixtures in the store - we just love making one of a kind fixtures!
 There are 2 arm chairs and 4 dining chairs upholstered in this great fabric!
 Leonardo daVinci!!
 Letters, numbers, and ice cream containers!
 Cupboards and cupboards and china hutches and buffets - we have them all!
 Don't you just LOVE the colors on this corner cabinet????
 Game boards make such great wall art!
 We can decorate your entire play room!
 Isn't she a cutie!!!!
 Nothing like a pinball machine is there!  This one is from 1947 - the colors and graphics are magnificent!
 Tins and signs and cigar boxes and more great lighting!
 All right - not the best photo I agree - but the piece is gorgeous as are the vintage radios inside!
 Locker baskets!!!
 Aren't they gorgeous????  I would like one or two or twelve!!
Tole painted tray - always a favorite!   So are you getting excited yet?????  Be sure to check us out on facebook for even more photos!!!

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