Saturday, January 21, 2012

Changes at SHR!!

 Hope you all had wonderful holidays and are enjoying 2012!!  We loved having some time off - but we missed all of you terribly!  One of the nice parts about having some extra time off was some changes that happened to the building.  Brad has been working like crazy on these floors - do you remember this middle area that had terrible old grey indoor/outdoor carpet in it??  Well no more - Brad managed to tear up carpet and tile and linoleum to get down to these floors below!  We LOVE how they turned out!
 Rose is taking over the hallway area and she re-did this wall with pieces of old lathe that she saved from some construction at her home!  Isn't this phenomenal?????  I want to do this in my house!
In the front room Brad installed this awesome barnwood on the wall on the right side as you enter.  It makes such an incredible backdrop - I just know that everything on that side is going to look even better now!  
AND OF COURSE you know we are working on lots of goodies and treasures to fill up these new spaces!  I'll get some photos of that up shortly!  We are starting the countdown now.....February 2nd is almost here and we want to get re-acquainted!!

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