Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Decorating Ideas from Brad and Amy's Home

 Brad and Amy were kind enough to host our SHR Christmas party at their home - and were also kind enough to let me take lots of photos to share with all of you!  You are going to have to excuse some of the photos tho - a new camera and I am still learning about settings - but you'll get the ideas anyhow!!
This was taken in their office - these very tall square columns are on each side of the desk with an old barn door as the back drop.  Their western collection of saddle, horns, hats, and chaps help adorn this wall.
 Don't you just love this great old garage door as the headboard?  It is incredible!
 Again in the master - they have white furniture and linens mixed in with the old dark woods - it is a great combination of old and new!
 Love the nite stands - his side with a vintage fur man's cap.....
 And hers with a vintage woman's fur hat!
 At the foot of the bed this beautiful old trunk!  Love the tote as the picture holder!  And I kept trying to figure out how I was going to fit the huge gauge in my pocket!
 In the dining room over the buffet - this huge old window, a pair of shutters someone was tossing and a feather wreath they bought at a garage sale!
 The fireplace in the dining room was so festive!  Love the large glass of ornaments - and the great old wheel as art!
 The fireplace in the living room - very simple mantel!
 The Christmas tree in the living room - and I am most fond of the vintage water ski's just hanging around!  The tree was filled with white lights - and what was most interesting about it was that they had used 3 sizes of lights and it looked amazing!
 Warehouse cart as coffee table - you know how much we love our warehouse carts!!  You can kick them, jump on them, sit on them, spill on them - and they just keep looking better and better!
 On the stairway landing - the buffet/storage piece they found at a garage sale, bought the pink pony at SHR and a new mirror - what a great combination!  Add some greens, hang a few ornaments from the chandelier and you have instant Christmas!
 The window over the kitchen sink looked fabulously simple with clear ornaments and greens and lights on the sill.
 They have some of the greatest vintage fans ever - and this one on top of this great table - yep, I tried sneaking it out but just couldn't make it happen!
 Fireplace mantel in the basement family room!  It was so funny to walk in and see the Holiday Inn sign - one that I had done years ago and they bought long before they were part of SHR!
 A built in desk/game station area on one side of the basement housed this great small bike in the corner!  Thought it was a great idea!
 A new piece for game storage and family photos - and I love the vintage skis and suitcase just plopped in the corner!
 Vintage piano and another of their great vintage fans - and a piece of an old windmill as art!
 Over the bar area was this great architectural piece and three vintage boat cushions - love, love, love!  Unfortunately, I couldn't reach them or they would have been in my car too!
 Build in buffet/storage in the eating/gaming section of the basement with an old keg as art.
 Just gotta love this toboggan table in the hall!  It simply rests on a long console table - when you don't want the toboggan - take it off!
One of the 2 tables in the eating/gaming area!  They re-did this one and just added mix and match chairs to it and the banquette!  A perfect combination!
Thanks Brad and Amy for sharing your home!  They had some great outdoor ideas too - next time I am there in the day time we'll share those with you to!

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