Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas with Kris and Mike!

 Come on up to St. Cloud for a visit to our home!  I just got my Christmas tree up today finally and still have more inside decorating to do - but I do have some outside things done!  This is next to my front steps - greens, cones, birch bark, some dried stems from the garden and a simple sign.  In the summer this piece is filled with flowers.
 I used this great old fishing net piece on the wall next to my front door instead of a wreath this year.  Again, simple greens, twigs and rose hips.
 Greens tied to one of my pieces of garden art - and at night it is lit up with multi-colored lights.
 The gate to my front garden
 I have a thing for windmills of all sizes - I love the red rose hips and the dried clematis growing up it.  In the summer the roses and clematis fight for space on the windmill!
 On the other side of my front door my bicycle gets greened up too!
 Next to my back door...........
 At the back of the house beneath my kitchen window.  A big old grain scale sits in the garden with my favorite bird house on top of it and a wreath hung from it.  In the summer it is surrounded by perennials and vines that grow up behind it.
 Now my planters are filled with cones, greens, twigs and small pots.
 Our living room is teeny tiny and our skinny tree is actually standing in front of the front door that we never use!  Since I was so behind this year with my decorating and I haven't started shopping or baking yet I didn't take the time to dig out any of my beautiful Christmas ornaments and decor.  I just used stuff from my "junk" boxes to decorate!
 We have a thing for horse stuff at our house - these great ribbons and vintage ice cream boxes made for fun decorations!  I sprinkled glitter on pine cones and grabbed some of Mike's many motorcycles from his collection (he is a Harley owner!).
 Love the colors and graphics on bingo cards, vintage toys that I already had and some vintage reflectors.
 A piece of beautiful old horse tack!
 The heart is another piece of horse tack - and since our last name is Hart...........
 I used vintage burlap sacks as a tree skirt and set a pail of pine cones and greens in the corner in front of ski poles and a single ski.  The log cabin was a gift from me to Mike many years ago.
 I love this old Sears Roebuck tag!
Our tree topper this year is a vintage sign from a hardware store!  Mike is an antique tool collector and had a few great old signs - so it seemed to be a good idea!   Well, as you can see - we never do anything too expected at our house!  I miss my beloved ornaments - but I love my junk tree!  It is so much of who we are now!

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