Friday, November 4, 2011

Re-Stocking and Re-Setting for Saturday!

 WOW - we have had a hugely busy Thursday and Friday - but fear not - We have been re-stocking all day and evening with new items for you Saturday and Sunday shoppers!  So take a look and see what is new - and then head on over to our face book page (Second Hand Rose Buffalo) and see even more new photos!
 A little bit of greenery makes everything and anything into a holiday arrangement!
 This is such a comfy little chair - and such a nice size!
 This is the most handsome carpenter's trunk that I have ever seen.  The inside of the lid is a work of art - and it still has 4 trays inside!

 Such a nice piece - storage and display all in one - and lined with beautiful salvaged barn wood.
 Red willow in a great metal canister - perfect!
 Holiday subway art signs!
 Some of Rose's famous artwork - I think this new one is my most favorite.
 Junk Christmas tree!

 Such a beautiful setting - the stuff great dreams are made of!
 I love this little display!
 And this beautiful display too!

 Another great piece filled with storage and display!
 Great seating, comfy pillows, beautiful dishes!
 Check out our new Junk Bean Collection of coffees - the perfect Christmas gift!
 This little red table is just the best!
 What a fun little trunk!

 More of Rose's great artwork!
 Here comes Santa Claus!
 LOVE the cake plates!
 What a cool table!
 Nice soothing colors!
 Letters, great platters, industrial fixtures - yep, we've got it all!
 Oh how very, very pretty!

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