Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bud's Christmas Story

Once upon a time in a village called Buffalo there lived a clan of little people called Buds.  Now this was a happy little clan of people who loved to dance and sing and laugh and be silly and they all loved each other very much.  BUT most of all, the Buds loved to create things.  They would sneak out in the night and scavenge dumpsters and burn piles and roadside ditches and trash heaps and then drag all of their treasures back to the castle.
The excitement they shared upon their return was contagious as they all turned everything over and over and ooohed and aaaahed and shared all of their ideas for the wonderful things they would make with their “treasures”.   They divided them up – each taking the things that they could turn into the best creations.  And soon their workshops were abuzz with the sounds of hammers and drills and paint brushes and glue guns and staple guns.  Soon there would be piles of treasures turned into beautiful tables and buffets and chairs and lamps and trunks and beds and cupboards – and some of their treasures turned into wonderful works of art and doodads and thingamajigs and whatchamacallits and whoseits.
When Christmas time came around the Buds got even more excited and went into over drive!  The commotion in the workshops was intense!  The hammers hammered faster and the drills drilled louder and the paint brushes slapped in overtime as the clan worked with their treasures turning them into extra special wonderfully awesome treasures to share with everyone!  They added bits of sparkle and ribbon and greenery and stars and glitter to their treasures – all the while shouting out Christmas carols as they worked!  Soon their piles of finished treasures was stacked to the ceilings – in fact some of them were hanging from the ceilings – and they had to move some of them out in front of the castle to make room for everything!
The Buds were so proud of all of their treasures and were sure that there were others out there like them who would LOVE treasures made out of other treasures – so they decided to open the castle doors on December 1,2,3 and 4 to let the entire world share in their excitement!  Then they decided treasures weren’t enough – they would serve coffee and cookies, and give presents, and stay open late on Thursday nite, and sing carols and wear funny hats and share not just their treasures – but their love as well!
So, they have asked me to let you know that they will be waiting on Thursday, December 1st at 9am and will stay open all the way til 9pm – and then do it all over again on Friday and Saturday from 9 to 6 and on Sunday from 10 to 5!  AND IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH – they are going to open up the castle doors again on Saturday, December 10 and Saturday, December 17 from 9 to 6 both days to give even more of you a chance to share in all of their treasures!  (Be sure to check facebook and the blog for loads and loads of photos!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

December Shopping Special Events!!

The December sale is getting closer and closer - December 1,2,3,4!!  And we are planning all sorts of treats for you guys!  Treats and presents and fun and caroling - we even decided to do an evening of candlelight shopping with hors'du'voures - just for you!  We will be open on Thursday, December from 9am to 9pm - with our special treats and candlelight from 6 - 9!  Be sure to save that evening to spend with us!

AND - due to popular demand - we have decided to be open Saturday, December 10 and Saturday, December 17 from 9am to 6pm for those last minute shopping needs!  And of course you know how we roll - We will be re-stocked for those dates too!!

Just think of how much fun you can have in December - spending all that time with us!  And in the meantime, we are busy little elves getting the place all sparkly and shiny and starry and filled with sugarplums and all sorts of other good things - pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another FaceBook Challenge - Are You Up For It???

SHR Facebook Challenge!! We had so much fun with the last one we wanted to do another for the December Sale!

Win $100 SHR bucks to the person who sends the most new fans to our site!
Step 1: Tell your friends to ‘like’ Second Hand Rose Buffalo
Step 2: Have your friends post on our wall that you sent them with your name in the post!
(Ex: Jamie Johnson sent me!)
Step 3: Challenge ends – November 27th, 2011

Winner will be announced Nov 28th with the MOST fans sent!!
Good Luck SHR Fans!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Help Me Out Please!!

Okay guys and gals - I have been having a few computer glitches of late and I lost some of our email list. SO I am asking all of you who are on the list or who want to be on the list to receive our emails to send an email to me at secondhandkris@charter.net
You don't have to write anything and I promise I will try my very very best not to double up any of you! If you just signed up on the email list this last month or in October I know for sure I still have you - but prior to that I'm not sure exactly who we have lost! Spread the word please!

We are working hard on getting ready for the December sale too - we'll start with some photos very soon!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Re-Stocking and Re-Setting for Saturday!

 WOW - we have had a hugely busy Thursday and Friday - but fear not - We have been re-stocking all day and evening with new items for you Saturday and Sunday shoppers!  So take a look and see what is new - and then head on over to our face book page (Second Hand Rose Buffalo) and see even more new photos!
 A little bit of greenery makes everything and anything into a holiday arrangement!
 This is such a comfy little chair - and such a nice size!
 This is the most handsome carpenter's trunk that I have ever seen.  The inside of the lid is a work of art - and it still has 4 trays inside!

 Such a nice piece - storage and display all in one - and lined with beautiful salvaged barn wood.
 Red willow in a great metal canister - perfect!
 Holiday subway art signs!
 Some of Rose's famous artwork - I think this new one is my most favorite.
 Junk Christmas tree!

 Such a beautiful setting - the stuff great dreams are made of!
 I love this little display!
 And this beautiful display too!

 Another great piece filled with storage and display!
 Great seating, comfy pillows, beautiful dishes!
 Check out our new Junk Bean Collection of coffees - the perfect Christmas gift!
 This little red table is just the best!
 What a fun little trunk!

 More of Rose's great artwork!
 Here comes Santa Claus!
 LOVE the cake plates!
 What a cool table!
 Nice soothing colors!
 Letters, great platters, industrial fixtures - yep, we've got it all!
 Oh how very, very pretty!