Monday, October 31, 2011

A Little of This - A Little of That - November Has It All!

 Just plain pretty!
 I am in love with these jars (they are on my Christmas "want" list that I gave my husband!!)!
 Love the simplicity of this - just a bit of greenery makes this everyday birdcage a stunning holiday piece!
 Just so many fun pieces in this corner!
 Love the map over the buffet instead of a painting or mirror!
 Violins - or really any instrument at all - make for such fun decor!  A sprig of green and ribbon and you have an incredible center piece!
 I think this trunk is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.  And I love them open - what a great display idea in your home too!
 I can't even find words to tell you how gorgeous this piece is - but I am pretty sure that it won't last long!
 Star bright, star light!
There is nothing like a carriage robe draped over a couch or chair or on a wall or at the end of a bed or.........where would you put yours?

November - Holiday fun Abounds!

 There is so much color in the shop this month - beautiful warm shades of red, gold and green; rich browns, grays and rusts; warm winter whites and soft pinks and greens - something for everyone!  Love this piece - and note the 1930's football helmet - a perfect gift for that die hard football fan in your life!
 A beautiful rocker, cozy quilt, and beautiful violin - does it get any better than that?
 This pair of candlesticks started life as legs to some wonderful piece - aren't you glad they were rescued?
 Love this pair of unique lamps!
 Don't you just love whimsy?  What fun pieces to decorate with!
 I think I need the red, yellow and green wheel!
 Hark the herald angels sing!
 And another lamp that is just too cute!
 A cubby for your entryway or mud room - and a unique trunk for your treasures - and under the 8 1/2 foot long gorgeous work bench!
 Drum turned table and some great old cupboard doors turned frames!
Industrial stair case - what a great bookshelf or room divider or focal point!

November - Fun, Cozy, and Warm!

 One of the best things about shopping at SHR is looking for inspiration for your home.  We look to each other for inspiration too.  We all love using everyday items for holiday decorating - like this great frog box filled with white lites!
 We are all such suckers for clocks - big and small!
 We are also all suckers for old telephones and scales - and here we have the best of both!  I think it is a Hot Line to Santa!
 Who can't use a great dresser - use it in so many rooms.  Just because it started life as a dresser doesn't mean it has to always remain one!  Could be a buffet, or an entryway piece, or hold a TV - use your imagination!
 LOVE this great red metal clock - and it runs too!
 Just plain sweet!
 Oh my gosh - this grate is awesome - and it makes a great plate holder too!
 Love this painting - so sweet.
 Did I mention that we love clocks?
 Pinecone covered china for the holidays - what could be better???
 A motto we all live by!
 This little desk is a perfect piece - and a perfect neutral color!
 I think this is my favorite photo!  And the big dough bowl and skates are pretty darn awesome too!
 Feeling festive yet?
 Greens and twigs add so much to a room!
 Loving these shades of blue!
 Nothing like original paint - you just can't duplicate those colors!
 Wheels - yep we love them too!
A wonderful center island with salvaged butcher block top - and the perfect gift - a moose antler turned cribbage board!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

 For some reason or another November is sign month at SHR!  This is just a sampling of what is there - and there are tons of holiday themed signs just waiting to be snapped up.
I am particularly fond of this huge (4' x 5') double sided sign!  I would like to do an entire room around this sign!
 This one is also huge (4'x8') and double sided too.  The colors on it are so spectacular - what a statement piece huh?
 Cindy has quite a few of these small airport signs each saying something different.
 I love the simplicity of this - and the fact that it is done on an old piece of metal.
 We have been giggling over this one since it came in.  So odd don't you think?
 Love this old Mobil Oil sign - yeah, I know it's in tough shape - but it still has such beauty!
 The chuck wagon sign is a Lions sign on the other side!
 Apparently Dr. Zimbeck was a family doc in Maynard, MN in the 30's and 40's.
 I'm such a sucker for anything with a cow on it!  And hidden behind the Lions sign is a vintage homemade sign that says Theresa's Chicken Coop!
 Holiday sayings abound!
 Nice and simple.
 Makes me want to sing!
 More holiday signage on metal!
The tin is just awesome!