Monday, August 29, 2011

We've got Cozy, Warm and Mums for September!!

 We spent today organizing the outside areas - and the mums have arrived!!  Most are just about ready to bloom - and they come from our usual source (a little old lady in Buffalo - really!!) so you know they are hardy and will come back year after year!
 We are pretty much all together now - doing final little touches and cleaning to be ready for Thursday!
 Filled with warm and cozy colors!
Filled with pieces made just for you - like this great cubby!

 Lockers have so many uses don't they?

 Lots of trunks and picture frames!
 We have a new addition - some fun little critters all hand felted in Bellingham, Washington!  Why all the way from Washington?  Well, cuz the creator is the daughter of one of our dealers!

 A perfect sized small cabinet!
 How about this fun coffee table made from some old file drawers and stove feet?
 Bonnie's Pumpkins!
And more of Bonnie's pumpkins!

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