Monday, August 1, 2011

August Pictures!!!!!

 I took soooo many photos of this month's sale cuz there are so many treasures that I didn't know where to start - or end!  So get a cup of coffee, sit yourself down and enjoy the 30 pictures!!!  Starting with Barb's area - and you know I am her biggest fan!  She does traditional with a mix of modern and industrial and shabby and whimsical and always, always, always makes it work!
 I love this old worktable Barb has in the center of her room!  Perfect for family dining or projects!
 LOVE the rusty old Miller sign - and underneath it is a great bar that Brad put together with an awesome tin front!  You're gonna want it!
 My over the top slightly shabby/slightly fru-fru area!!  I just fell in love with the great Italian lamp and matching sconce.  And the flowers on the lamp are on a separate dimmer switch - instant mood lighting!
 One of my handsome husband's harvest tables.  It is made from Douglas Fir that he salvaged from an old Burlington Northern boxcar!  The paint colorings on it are fantastic!  It is almost 7 feet long so you can seat everyone!
 Just had to show the top of the table!  I know I'm biased - but I think it turned out so nice!  If my kitchen were bigger it would be staying at my house!
 MaryAnn has a great mixture of junk this month!  Lots of soft creamy colors, great smalls and comfy chairs! 
 Angela was still working on her space when I left - but this bench caught my eye!  She has some great upholstered pieces in there too - and a couple pieces in the best shade of blue!
 A great wicker set is out on the deck - along with tons of other fun stuff!  We still have a couple of months to enjoy our yards!
 This pink dresser of Cathy's is absolutely out of this world dreamy!  And she has tons of great vintage fabrics, pillows and cloths that just scream "Take me home!"
 I just love, love, love Susan's bright yellow sofa!  She has it so comfy all piled with pillows and quilts!  What a great napping spot!
 I think this set of 4 vintage chairs are just a hoot!  How much fun would they be in your breakfast nook?
 Peter's center island is drop dead gorgeous!  The top is from a warehouse pallet and sitting on the wire base - a match made in heaven!  Enough room to slip a couple of stools under it, storage on the wire shelves, and the top removes very easily for moving!
 Peter's CUTE, CUTE, CUTE cowboy boots!
 Love the Rainbow Band! 
 Peter has 3 - count them THREE great warehouse carts just waiting to be a coffee table in your home!  And different finishes too - and the kettle drum - a great one of a kind table!
 Lynn has lots of great junk too - including a wonderful sink, an old church hymn board - AND this incredibly comfy chair!
 Oh yeah - and this great dresser turned center island or work spot or whatever you want it to be.  The top is phenomenal!
 Sandy's spot wasn't quite finished yet - but her soft grays and whites - with that gorgeous red cupboard.................She really has an eye for finding great pieces and knowing how to display them!  I think we are gonna have to check out her house!
 Denise has this great cupboard in her area - she still wasn't finished either - but look quick at this cupboard - I don't think it will last long!
 Dinah's spot is perfect as usual!  So many interesting little things in it - a great upholstered chair, chippy shutters, gorgeous frames and suitcases - you know she is always a favorite!
 This little piece of Brad and Amy's kept calling my name - over and over and over! 
 Is there anyone out there who is not in love with Ted's cupboards?  I don't think so!  As usual we have an array of different cupboards and styles.  I am partial to this one with the shutters!
 Tammy and Yvonne - our newest gals have absolutely outdone themselves!  Their paint techniques and finishes are spot on!  The creamy dresser with large mirror is an absolute must have!
 More of Tammy and Yvonne's things! 
 Okay - I really, really, really like this cupboard of Ted's too!  And such a perfect small size - it could go anywhere!
 LOVING the great desk chair and dresser!
 This huge old store piece is from Jim and Becky!  They know how to pick em - and how to re-finish them!  And I know you have all become huge fans of Becky's signs!
 LOVE the colors on the interior of this piece!
Looking down the hallway to my area - Mike's table and a gorgeous cupboard that he made as well - and lots of fun signs and pieces from fanning mills and other pieces of farm equipment!

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