Monday, August 29, 2011

September - New Dealers, New-Old Dealers and 10% Off Sundays Returns!!

 Lots of excitement around SHR for this sale!  We are bringing back 10% OFF STOREWIDE on Sunday!!  Even tho we re-stock so there is always something new - now even one more reason to shop or re-shop on Sundays!!!  Rose and Bonnie are back with us sharing a spot - this is a peak at their area!  So much goodness in there - including Bonnie paintings!
 MaryAnn is loaded up with great seasonal items, fun smalls, great furniture, and a terrific collection of boxes!
 LOVE this chair!
 Cathy is full of color this month - and this gorgeous dress form!
 More from Cathy!
 Love this great colorful cupboard of Cathy's!!
 Sandy's space is serene, cozy, calming, elegant and homey all at the same time!
 More from Sandy!
 LOVE this piece in Susan's area - and the globe is awesome too!
 Peter has some great books!
 Now I am thinking that this piece would look great in my bathroom filled with cosmetics!
 Kathie Armstron of Kathie's Finds is with us this month and next for sure.  She does an incredible job of painting and her husband Jeff does an incredible job of building and display!
 Some of Kathie's artwork!

 Yvonne and Tammy have a great spot - everything is wonderful!
 I am loving this entry way bench!
 So many things to look at - but I am especially fond of the lamp!
 Nothing like small tables!

We've got Cozy, Warm and Mums for September!!

 We spent today organizing the outside areas - and the mums have arrived!!  Most are just about ready to bloom - and they come from our usual source (a little old lady in Buffalo - really!!) so you know they are hardy and will come back year after year!
 We are pretty much all together now - doing final little touches and cleaning to be ready for Thursday!
 Filled with warm and cozy colors!
Filled with pieces made just for you - like this great cubby!

 Lockers have so many uses don't they?

 Lots of trunks and picture frames!
 We have a new addition - some fun little critters all hand felted in Bellingham, Washington!  Why all the way from Washington?  Well, cuz the creator is the daughter of one of our dealers!

 A perfect sized small cabinet!
 How about this fun coffee table made from some old file drawers and stove feet?
 Bonnie's Pumpkins!
And more of Bonnie's pumpkins!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September Hues!

 I bet you are all like we are at SHR - still enjoying summer, not ready for it to leave - but starting to get those fall "nesting" feelings for warm and cozy in your colors, your fabrics and your food!  We are slowly getting it together and I thought I would show you a few more photos of what is coming in the door - like this great cubby!  Was a built in once upon a time with doors and shelves - when we got it it had none of those - just that great beadboard back!
 Rose found this piece and it was almost a goner - you wouldn't know it now would you?  A little carpentry and paint and stain and muscle and it is drop dead gorgeous!!
 A beautiful black buffet - yep, holiday dinners are just around the corner!
 Love the finish on this little commode!  And Ted's gorgeous piece beneath it!
 A great world map and an awesome center island or bar or work/craft center!
 As always - I love everything in Susan's area!!
 An awesome pair of lamps -  you'll just have to come see them in person!
 Comfy and fun seating!
 Peter made these great light fixtures from some kind of fish trap!  They make the greatest shadows!
 Jeff and Kathie are bringing in some beautiful pieces - this amazing china hutch for instance!
 Just love this little stepback!
 I'm pretty sure that we all want that map of Minnesota!
 A stack of great end tables - and there is always room for small tables right?????
 LOVE my new red wall (Thank you Barbie!!) - and the cupboard that Mike put together!
 MaryAnn's shabbily elegant chair!
 A whole collection of boxes and cases - each one better than the next!
Wanna go for a ride anyone????

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

September Changes and New Beginnings!

 GUESS WHAT?????  Rose and Bonnie are coming back to Second Hand Rose!!!  They will be sharing a spot and bringing their great brand of junk and art back to us!   AND we have Kathie Armstrong of Kathie's Finds coming aboard for a couple of months at least (maybe more???)!!  This sale is going to ROCK!!   Most of us aren't anywhere near being ready or done and some of us haven't even brought anything new in yet - but I did manage to find some things that I think you will like!

 I fell in love with this little goat cart of Angela's!  Fill it with fall and harvest bounty, change it out to greens for the holidays, and then fill it to overflowing with flowers again in the spring!
 Susan is of course 3/4 of the way to being done!  Love everything I was seeing in her area!
 Sandy used old wire fencing on her wall - how cool is that?  Love everything about it - and it makes it really easy to hang stuff too!!
 Lots of trunks coming in - how awesome are they as end tables, coffee tables and just for general storage!  Think of all the treasures you could hide away - or store your blankets, out of season clothes, crafting items, family heirlooms, toys, magazines - anything and everything you can imagine!
 Some great colors showing up - like this great orange door in Rose's area!
 How about these rich and cozy rugs?
 This trunk of Susan's is to die for!!
 More of that great fencing - and an awesome vanity!
 I love this piece in Rose and Bonnie's area!

 This little stepback cupboard is such a nice size.  I'm wondering what it will look like when it is all cleaned up???
 I love this little table in Susan's area.  What great colors!
 Need a cozy, comfy chair to curl up in?
 An obelisk that Rose made!
 Can't wait to see these black chairs done - and the sofa frame underneath them!
 Look at this table!!
 A wonderful birdhouse!
 This is the PERFECT size armoire to fit anywhere!
 A great green cabinet!
 More wonderful tables!
And benches.............