Sunday, July 3, 2011

And More from the July Sale!

 Mama bird keeping a watchful eye on us!  I am hoping that the babies are gone by Thursday - mama gets a little anxious!!!  And speaking of anxious - oh my stars - we are all so anxious to see all of you cuz are all quite proud of ourselves this month!!!!!  Treasures as far as the eye can see - really unique treasures - really wonderful treasures - super duper - fantabulous - incredibly awesome - the cat's meow - and best in show - SECOND HAND ROSE is the place to be this July!  So set your clocks guys and gals - Thursday will be here quicker than you know!!
 This chair is drop dead gorgeous - just as is in all of her disarray!!
 An incredible 2 tier coffee table made from a great old cart with yellow iron wheels and barn board!
 A fun summertime centerpiece!
 Another great coffee table made from a cream separator base and the flywheel from a fanning mill!  Gorgeous!!
 One of our great carts - turned coffee table!!  This one has a gorgeous finish and is 27" wide and 47" long!  We have another one in a much darker finish that is similar in width - but about 5' long!  And another one waiting in the wings!  This is the month to come and get your very own - and much, much less expensive than Restoration Hardware!  And then get your very own immigrant trunk to go with it!
 Dinah's spot is as beautiful as always.  Period.  Nothing more to say!
 Lynn has these INCREDIBLE theater seats - and this really cool metal door thing hanging on the wall.  I can't decide what I like best!
 These light fixtures are TO DIE FOR!!!!!  Wait til you see them in person - I think there will be line of people wanting them!
 An antique brass fixture that has been electrified - and it is 6' across!!!  Got some cathedral ceilings that are just crying out for a large one-of-a-kind fixture?  We've got it!!
 So much color this month - and tons of awesome artwork too!
This one you gotta see to believe - a circa 1950's chaise lounge in an incredible lime green and black fabric - and it plugs in and massages/vibrates you!!!  But you don't have to plug it in!!

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