Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Susan's Home

 It's been awhile since I've showcased any of our homes - so thought it was about time.  And since Susan is a favorite person/dealer of just about EVERYONE - thought we should showcase her home!  Susan has a real eclectic style and her home shows that in every room.  It is also a very comfortable and welcoming home.  Susan shares her home with her husband Art, daughter Georgia and their 4 dogs and a bird!  This gorgeous little orange set is in Susan's front yard!  Isn't it awesome?  Thank goodness she decided to keep it rather than sell it - sometimes that is a tough decision for us!
 This is on the left side of the walk in the front yard.  A pretty comfy spot to wave at the neighbors!
 Entering into Susan's side/back yard..........
 Susan's potting bench - love the simplicity of it!  And love the green fence that matches the trim on her house!
 Just outside Susan's backdoor is her covered patio area.  This is where they spend a good portion of their time in the summer months.  It is cozy little area with comfy seating.  And none of the furniture pieces is actually outdoor furniture - just hardy enough to handle the breezes and raindrops that manage to blow in on the sides!
 Standing in Susan's backdoor looking out to the seating area!  LOVE the Plaza sign!!
 Looking towards the back yard - this side yard is the perfect party area!
 Susan's white display area in her kitchen!  I love to just look - a great way to display a collection!
 Susan's kitchen cupboards are inset with fabric behind glass - and a great old road sign as the back splash!
 Susan's bathroom - she said there was nothing interesting about it - so she painted it all in chalkboard paint and made it interesting!!
 The other corner of the bathroom!
 This built in unit is in the dining room.  It is quite shallow so becomes the perfect spot to showcase family photos and small treasures!
 I startled Susan's bird Otto with the flash and he flew up to a high and safe perch!!  Isn't he pretty? 
 Gorgeous leaded glass windows in the dining room.
 Susan's dining room does double duty - this corner is her office!  Nothing officey looking about it is it?  A great table, chair and awesome lamp - along with wonderful artwork -  you can almost forget that there is a computer there!
 Susan's living room - like the rest of her home - very eclectic - and screams Susan!  The North Dakota road sign - cuz she is originally from North Dakota!
 I love the dining room - great old table, industrial bench, matching formal chairs on the other side!  She makes it all work together!
 LOVE, love, love this piece!!
 Susan's entryway!  Cozy and welcoming!
 On her front porch - this little vignette makes you stop and look and touch!
 Loved this big piece in her living room!  Nice to see no television huh!!
Her front porch on the other side of the front door.  Susan's entire home is filled with textures and colors and various styles and vintages and fabrics and artwork and comfy seating and pillows - it is incredibly welcoming and interesting and you want to know the best part?????? A VAST MAJORITY of everything came from SECOND HAND ROSE!!!!  Now you can't beat that for style can you????  Thanks for inviting us over Susan!!


  1. Wow, I love it. She has such a great eye for mixing everything. I felt at home and ready to meet her. Thank you.

  2. A delightful combination of color and design.

  3. All very nice but too many exclamation marks !!!