Monday, May 30, 2011


 This is it!!!  The most fantabulous sale of all of the SECOND HAND ROSE sales!!  Everyone has outdone themselves with the most unique items, the best displays, and the kind of stuff that we know all of you SHRR's (Second Hand Rose Regulars!!) really need and want!  So, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!! 
 Sandy is spa like with her serene greys and greens!
 Barb is full of traditional whites, blacks and greys - with her usual quirky humor thrown in for good measure!
 Kris is all about color this month!
 Peter has industrial covered - including this incredible staircase and an awesome brass sink!
 Pat has summertime fun covered - and she has thrown in a little music to get us in the mood!
 Summer tea party on that gorgeous set??
 Sharon also has color - including this awesome vintage fabric!
 Cindy has all that is one of a kind this month - including this great vintage birds eye view pic of Minneapolis!
 Ready, set, action!!  Make your own home movies with this vintage movie camera!!
 Storage is always best when it comes in great red metal and basket form!
 You want it don't you?????
You want this pink pony too don't you????  You are gonna have to fight me for it!!!!

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