Thursday, May 26, 2011

The First Looks at The June Sale!!

 The shop is starting to look like we might have a sale!!  Some folks are rushing to get most everything done by Friday cuz they have big plans for the holiday weekend - and some folks (like me!!) know that our big plans for the holiday weekend will be working at SHR!  It has been like one big party every day that I have been in there this week - every one is excited about the sale, their new spots, their new walls, their holiday plans and just getting to hang out with each other!  Last nite I think there was more jabbering, laughing, playing basketball, dancing to the music, and singing than there was any working - but all of that is what makes SHR the best place on earth!!!!  Once again I forgot my camera last nite - Thank goodness Amy had hers!!  So without further ado - a few glimpses into what is happening for the June sale!! 
This settee has a matching chair and they are both THE BOMB!!!!  Oh my gosh, the frames are gorgeous and sturdy and the coverings and innards will make you drool!
 Little benches, garden fencing on a great barn door backdrop - yep, we do have it all!!
 I'm singing the blues - but we've also got lots of greens, yellows, reds, whites, grays, blacks, neutrals, turquoise, orange, pink, brown (did I miss any colors???)!
 This white cupboard needs a good home cuz it is so awesome!  Who's gonna be the lucky gal????
 A little of this and a little of that - but mostly one incredibly, awesomely wonderful light fixture!!
 Always something to crow about at SECOND HAND ROSE!!
 Well, that sign about says it all doesn't it????  And there are many others to choose from!
 Who doesn't need additional storage?
 And more storage for a smaller spot!
 An incredibly funky, very old, curly cast iron chair on casters!!
 Flag Day and The Fourth Of July are coming up faster than you think - and this vintage silk thread embroidered piece could be yours!!
 What's not to love?
 Hurry, hurry, hurry to the SHR June sale!!!!  They have me captive here and won't let me go til you get here!!
 An old iron bed frame makes a great window treatment!!

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