Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Busy Month!

 This month of May has gone by so fast!  SO fast that I have been really neglectful of letting you guys know what has been going on in our world!!!  Like all of you we have been dodging the rain drops, trying to avoid tornadoes (and I hope each and every one of you were able to do that as well!) and trying to get our yards and gardens ready for planting and gardening!  Digging in the dirt is just the best isn't it!!
 We've also been busy painting and building and fixing and repairing and refurbishing and turning this into that!
We've finally been able to get into our sheds and garages, been to auctions and on picking trips and found all kinds of wonderful treasures!  So many in fact that the shop is filling up like crazy with all kinds of great things!  I've been in and out of the shop 3 times during this month and forgotten my camera each and every time - but I did get the walls in my area painted the most incredible shade of blue, watched the deconstruction and reconstruction of the kitchen, moved lots of stuff in and out and all around - cuz we are doing some big changes this month and many of us have traded areas with each other!  There are new colors on lots of walls, more lights and best of all - THE BEST JUNK in town, in the country and in the world!!!!!!!  So start the countdown folks - we have it all coming in just for your shopping pleasure!  June 2-3-4-5 we'll have the doors flung wide open, the floors, walls and ceilings filled with things for your home and life, tons of beautiful plants to make your homes and gardens even more beautiful - and we'll be waiting with smiles and laughter and good ideas and muscles to help you carry things!!  See you then!!

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