Monday, May 30, 2011

June Is Busting Out All Over!!!

 This is the 3rd post full of pictures I have had to do about the June sale!!  And I have barely skimmed the surface - so you are just going to have to get out here on June 2-3-4-5 to see it all for yourselves!!
 Nothing like comfy seating!!
 Windmills, wheels, gears, metal - Lynn has it all!
 Stainless bar height table - and the galvanized wall tray above it -  yep, definitely a keeper!
 Our friends are waiting to see you too!!
 This little red piece is screaming for a good home!  Please don't make me take it home (cuz I REALLY want it!!) but I'm too full already!!
 Ted's cupboards - nothing more to say!!
 Fishing nets, traps, wildlife - all mixed in with beautiful furnishings - gotta love the look!
 The deck is FULL!!
 And more full!!

The front sidewalk is FULL!!

And more full again!  You really better hurry!!


 This is it!!!  The most fantabulous sale of all of the SECOND HAND ROSE sales!!  Everyone has outdone themselves with the most unique items, the best displays, and the kind of stuff that we know all of you SHRR's (Second Hand Rose Regulars!!) really need and want!  So, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!! 
 Sandy is spa like with her serene greys and greens!
 Barb is full of traditional whites, blacks and greys - with her usual quirky humor thrown in for good measure!
 Kris is all about color this month!
 Peter has industrial covered - including this incredible staircase and an awesome brass sink!
 Pat has summertime fun covered - and she has thrown in a little music to get us in the mood!
 Summer tea party on that gorgeous set??
 Sharon also has color - including this awesome vintage fabric!
 Cindy has all that is one of a kind this month - including this great vintage birds eye view pic of Minneapolis!
 Ready, set, action!!  Make your own home movies with this vintage movie camera!!
 Storage is always best when it comes in great red metal and basket form!
 You want it don't you?????
You want this pink pony too don't you????  You are gonna have to fight me for it!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The First Looks at The June Sale!!

 The shop is starting to look like we might have a sale!!  Some folks are rushing to get most everything done by Friday cuz they have big plans for the holiday weekend - and some folks (like me!!) know that our big plans for the holiday weekend will be working at SHR!  It has been like one big party every day that I have been in there this week - every one is excited about the sale, their new spots, their new walls, their holiday plans and just getting to hang out with each other!  Last nite I think there was more jabbering, laughing, playing basketball, dancing to the music, and singing than there was any working - but all of that is what makes SHR the best place on earth!!!!  Once again I forgot my camera last nite - Thank goodness Amy had hers!!  So without further ado - a few glimpses into what is happening for the June sale!! 
This settee has a matching chair and they are both THE BOMB!!!!  Oh my gosh, the frames are gorgeous and sturdy and the coverings and innards will make you drool!
 Little benches, garden fencing on a great barn door backdrop - yep, we do have it all!!
 I'm singing the blues - but we've also got lots of greens, yellows, reds, whites, grays, blacks, neutrals, turquoise, orange, pink, brown (did I miss any colors???)!
 This white cupboard needs a good home cuz it is so awesome!  Who's gonna be the lucky gal????
 A little of this and a little of that - but mostly one incredibly, awesomely wonderful light fixture!!
 Always something to crow about at SECOND HAND ROSE!!
 Well, that sign about says it all doesn't it????  And there are many others to choose from!
 Who doesn't need additional storage?
 And more storage for a smaller spot!
 An incredibly funky, very old, curly cast iron chair on casters!!
 Flag Day and The Fourth Of July are coming up faster than you think - and this vintage silk thread embroidered piece could be yours!!
 What's not to love?
 Hurry, hurry, hurry to the SHR June sale!!!!  They have me captive here and won't let me go til you get here!!
 An old iron bed frame makes a great window treatment!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Busy Month!

 This month of May has gone by so fast!  SO fast that I have been really neglectful of letting you guys know what has been going on in our world!!!  Like all of you we have been dodging the rain drops, trying to avoid tornadoes (and I hope each and every one of you were able to do that as well!) and trying to get our yards and gardens ready for planting and gardening!  Digging in the dirt is just the best isn't it!!
 We've also been busy painting and building and fixing and repairing and refurbishing and turning this into that!
We've finally been able to get into our sheds and garages, been to auctions and on picking trips and found all kinds of wonderful treasures!  So many in fact that the shop is filling up like crazy with all kinds of great things!  I've been in and out of the shop 3 times during this month and forgotten my camera each and every time - but I did get the walls in my area painted the most incredible shade of blue, watched the deconstruction and reconstruction of the kitchen, moved lots of stuff in and out and all around - cuz we are doing some big changes this month and many of us have traded areas with each other!  There are new colors on lots of walls, more lights and best of all - THE BEST JUNK in town, in the country and in the world!!!!!!!  So start the countdown folks - we have it all coming in just for your shopping pleasure!  June 2-3-4-5 we'll have the doors flung wide open, the floors, walls and ceilings filled with things for your home and life, tons of beautiful plants to make your homes and gardens even more beautiful - and we'll be waiting with smiles and laughter and good ideas and muscles to help you carry things!!  See you then!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We're Waiting!!!! And a Special Announcement!

We are so ready and waiting for tomorrow - THE MAY SALE at SECOND HAND ROSE!!   But we also want to tell you about Dinah's sale Thursday thru Saturday! She lives just across the street from The Buffalo Nickel so she is easy to find - and believe me, you won't want to miss her!  Don't you just love the cabinet she and her husband build using an old screen door??? Check out her blog for all of the details ( or check out her facebook page Juxtaposition 99.
See you all on Thursday!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're Ready and Waiting to See YOU For the May Sale!!

 We are SO EXCITED for the May Sale to start!  The front of the shop is full, the deck is full, the side of the shop is full - and the inside is packed to the ceiling with so much great stuff!  My want list is getting soooooo long!  Like this great old duck boat for instance!
 Pat's area is all white and green and creamy and so crisp and inviting!  She has a couple of tables in there that definitely say oohh la la, take me home!
 Reds and gold and greens - warm, cozy earth tones fill my area this month.
 Love the stock tank shelf!
 A trunk coffee table - who doesn't need more storage?
 Denise's area is full of fun things - like that great old farm table! 
 Full, full, full!!!!  Everything you need for your gardens, decks, and patios!
 A mantel fit for a queen (and king!)!
 An old fashioned coffee mill - what a statement piece - inside or outside of your home!
 Lots of choices in upholstered furniture!
 Loving all of the bright colors!

 Plenty of Ted cupboards!
 and more of Ted's cupboards!
 Our guest dealer Peter has some great one of a kind items - especially the great black table!  And that chair actually turns into a bed!
Patio seating, bikes, baskets, signs - and by the time you see it all it will be filled with plants and flowers!
 Lynn has some awesome cupboard pieces in her area - and tons of great smalls too!
 What a nice mixture huh?  My favorite Ted piece too - the cupboard with the round door!

 That cubby of Pat's is an absolute must have!
 MORE GREAT outdoor items!

 Fun and funky - Lynn's trademark!
 The huge trunk on the bottom is another must have!
 This bowl is made entirely of newspaper!  I kept going to look at it over and over!
 Great feeders and an old pedal car as wall art!

LOVE Denise's cowboy chair - in perfect condition too!