Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have A Seat!

 More and more wonderful pieces are coming in to the shop every  minute - cupboards and tables and trunks and beds and lamps and chandeliers and doors and windows and mirrors and decor and doodads and pails and and and and......chairs!!!  I was fascinated by some of them - and would like to take quite a few of them home with me!!!   Like this little white chair for instance!  And the gorgeous vintage rag rug - it is huge - a 7' diameter circle - and heavy and in such good shape and so pretty!!
 A great bench and an awesome chair!  I'm loving each of them - and the colors are screaming to me!
 This vintage chair is so cute and distinguished at the same time! It is incredibly sturdy and looks great with the bark cloth pillow!
 This beautiful old wicker chair is a definite keeper!
 Seating for all ages!
 Loving this vintage baby too - comfy, sturdy, and such an oh so pretty color!
 A nice little perch!
 Get a cup of tea and a good book - add this chair and you've got it made!
See the great black display piece?  See the AWESOME bench in front of it?  Look quick - cuz it won't be there long!

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