Saturday, March 26, 2011

Almost There!!!!

 We're getting closer and closer to April 7-8-9-10......The dates of the APRIL SHR SALE!!!!!  Took some more photos yesterday so of course I just had to share!!!!  Loving this gray color - it is warm and rich and deep and there is quite a bit of it around SHR!  Not sure you like gray? I don't  usually either - but these grays are so inviting!  Check the current magazines and Restoration Hardware and you will see that GRAY is the IN color!  If you look at our previous post you will see this dresser in it's before state - before sanding, painting, glazing, more sanding, more glazing - what a transformation!!
 Signs of spring are EVERYWHERE in the shop!  Crisp whites and cheery greens and yellows and blues and oranges - if you close your eyes you can almost smell the garden!
 See what I mean?  The fresh colors and planters and critters and watering cans - I'm ready to hit the garden center!!
 Under this stack of pillows and throws - can you see the amazing aqua/turquoise colored chair???????????  I WANT IT!!!!  I love the lines and the color - I think I would smile every time I looked at this chair!
 You know that Ted's cupboards are the best always - but he's got a couple this sale with the most incredible stained glass doors!   You've got to check them out!
 I'm loving the original upholstery on this old rocker!  It's mint - and comfortable!
 Rose has got the kitchen area this month - and she has everything imaginable you might need to do some serious baking/cooking!  AND lots of fun bits, pieces, and parts of junk, wood, doodads and whatchamacallits!

 Let's see - I think I need a couple new pie plates and a springform pan.................
 I've been awakened a few times now by birds singing outside my window!  And here are some just waiting for a good home!


 Amy and I posing for Parker - Amy and Brad's youngest son and a huge helper around the shop!  I think he is going to be a great photographer - he was yelling "Smile, pose, turn right, turn left!"   Hmmmm, remind me never, never again to pose with my big old winter coat on and in front of a camera pointing up at me!!!!  Maybe I don't need the spring form pan after all!!!!
 Hunter, Brad and Amy's oldest son, was hard at work making an old pulley look fabulous!
 Becky - one of our newest vendors (and she just happens to be Amy's mom!) in her pose for Parker!
 There are ducks and bunnies everywhere around the shop - and they are all looking for a good home and some Easter grass!
 This INCREDIBLE green chippy paint iron bed is a gotta have - and it is gonna be gone in a blink I'm sure!
 I like!
A shot of the bathroom - this month this room is being done by our YOUNGEST vendor Dylan!  He is enthusiastic and charming and creative and wonderful - and only 14 years old!

There is still a long way to go to get everything done for you guys - but every day more and more stuff comes in the door and we get closer and closer to throwing open the doors and shouting "Who's ready to shop?!?!?!?"  

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