Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet The Johnsons

 Johnsons, Meet the Johnsons
They're the new SHR family!
From the outskirts of Buffalo,
They're the tops at creativity!
Three boys, and a dog named Lucy too,
Brad and Amy can't wait to meet all of you!
Johnsons, Meet the Johnsons,
Busy with family, 2 jobs and SHR,
A cabin way up noorrth,
Their plate is overflow-oo-ing!!!!
(feel free to sing along!!)

 Brad and Amy Johnson - the owners of SECOND HAND ROSE!  Brad and Amy have been married for 17 amazing years (Amy's quote!); have three absolutely adorable (my quote!) boys - Hunter 12, Carter 8, and Parker 6.  They have worked together at Amy's family business Brush Masters for 18 years.  Recently Brad took on a new adventure and partnered with Brenshell Construction - a home building company.  They miss working together every day as they both feel they do their best work when they are together.
 Brad and Amy are totally family oriented people.  Amy works with her father, sisters, aunts, cousins and other family members at Brush Masters.  Amy's aunt, mother and step-father are new dealers at SHR.  Both Brad's and Amy's family are in and out of the shop on a regular basis.  They are all so connected and supportive - which is how Brad and Amy seem to manage 3 boys, critters, 2 jobs, a new business, the remodeling of their cabin (which they are doing themselves), homework and the boys activities so effortlessly!  They believe that as a family there is NOTHING they can't handle!  They eat dinner together every nite, enjoy singing and dancing with the boys (who are determined to be on American Idol!!) and own every board game known to man!
 Amy tells me that she and Brad are their boys biggest fans and encourage them to be all that they can be.  You will find all three of the boys roaming around the shop at various times - they are helpful, well mannered, cute, loving and FUNNY!  We have all taken them to our hearts!
 The whole family LOVES to spend time at their cabin up near the Brainerd lakes area.  They love to swim and fish and have campfires and bring their extended family along on a regular basis.  They also love to junk while they are Up North and have found some of their "best junk" while at the cabin!  The boys also love to junk and dig for treasures and they all enjoy the stories involved in each item - what was it, who used it, what can it be!
Brad and Amy are absolutely the most positive people you will ever meet.  They believe in empowering their boys - and everyone else they run across.  They are encouraging of their boys and our hopes and dreams and believe that with a little help and a lot of positive reinforcement there is nothing a person can't handle or accomplish.  They wrap themselves in family and friends and have already made all of us at SHR feel a part of a very loved inner circle!   I think you will feel the same when you get to know them - the positive energy that they have infused into the shop will have your spirits soaring and I know that you all will come to love them as much as we already do!  They are determined to glean all the knowledge they can from Rose Darden, leave well enough alone where they should, and make changes for growth in other areas.  You will find SHR a great blend of all the wonderfulness you have come to expect all these years and a new energy and vitality - a very big winning combination!!

Oh yeah - and this is Lucy!  Another very important member of the Johnson family!

Come on in and get to know them - not only will you be part of our SHR family - but you will soon become part of the extended Johnson family as well!

See ya soon!

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